Talent concept

Talent personnel mechanism:

Adhere to the people-oriented, respect and care personnel, and improve human resource selection, appointment, training, motivation, retention mechanism. Create a positive, supportive environment in which the same team tract, heart interlinked force together, to create a harmonious development of the atmosphere that "happy work, happy life," and provide a broad stage, to encourage talent personnel to pursue their careers, support and help talent personnel to do good business to achieve the win-win development that is "with the talent people to earn successful career, with successful career to make talent people".

Personnel management mechanism:

Zhongtian Group shows great attention on staff education, training, career planning and organizational development plan, built a complete set of human resource management system, through continuous optimization and improvement of human resource management system, the implementation of scientific Personnel, rationalization of management. On the basic of  clearing role in the various departments, each job responsibilities and administrative privileges, human resource center focusing on the ability to motivate individuals, and constantly develop core skills and expertise of staff, to promote the professional level of personal and organizations.

Through scientific team to finish the selection, education and retention of key employees, through smart selection system to select outstanding and talent people to join company work as senior executives.

Personnel Development Mechanism:

Zhongtian Group's development system for employees in different positions but planning a perfect personalized career path, career path of employees classified in five categories, that is management, technology development, marketing, engineering, production and other, according to the features of job functions and personal strengths, group encourages employees to choose the most suitable for their own career development path, through professional assessment and selection, we divide employees into the below positions, they are group executives, assistant to the president, outstanding managers, new managers, key employees, management trainees and new employees etc., for different positioning of employees targeted for development, namely the development of competency model and capacity building programs. At the same time establish the principle, according to "jobs that require mainly take into account the potential development" of hierarchical classification system of training and development, internal training and assignment to a combination of training, and constantly improve the value of human capital, the creation of more than one promotion channel for employees, creating equal opportunities, through their own efforts to encourage employees to be developed.