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The largest generator transformer designed and manufactured in Turkey successfully delivered to Serbia by Alstom
Author: rootTime: 2015-01-28 10:15:50
Alstom Grid Turkey successfully delivered the generator transformer manufactured for Public Enterprise- Electric Power Industry of Serbia (PE EPS), to be installed at Nikola Tesla Power plant Tent-B. The 725 MVA, 21/410 kV transformer, featuring the largest generator step-up transformer ever designed and manufactured in Turkey, is also the first export of Alstom Turkey to Serbia.
Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plant[1], the largest power plant complex in Serbia, meets the energy needs of almost half of the country with 18 TWh power generation annually. Alstom’s step-up transformer will transport the electricity from the generator to the point of consumption by means of high voltage transmission line.  It will play a critical role for connecting the power station with Serbian 400 kV transmission network.
This type of transformers are subject to overexcitation, overload and overheating during the life of their operations. Alstom’s state of the art technology integrates these parameters in the design and manufacturing processes  in order to make the non-stop power transmission possible. This specific unit is equipped with a power transformer MS-3000 on-line condition monitoring system, providing Nikola Tesla PP the means  to evaulate on-line the transformer’s performance and safe operating conditions.
Hakan Karadogan, General Manager of Alstom Turkey Power Transformers, said, “We are very pleased to work with PE-EPS, the largest power generation company in Serbia. With this project, we proved once more that our technical know-how, high quality standards and experience in this field are recognized and valued worldwide. With the help of this generator step-up transformer and the integration of trendsetting on-line monitoring system, Nikola Tesla PP will be able to serve its consumers with a stable and reliable high voltage system and will allow to increase the power plant’s efficiency automatically.”   
Alstom Grid, in operation in Gebze since 1966, counts with one of the most modern high voltage transformer factories in the world. This factory is among the world leaders in production of special transformers and reactors for industrial applications and is the center of competence for Alstom in this field. The Alstom Grid Gebze Power Transformers factory has the capacity to meet all national and international standards with its quality standards, modern production techniques and comprehensive testing laboratories. The company exports approximately 85 percent of its production and is the export champion of Turkey in the field of “Transformers, Inductors”.
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