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MNS withdrawal switchgear

Introduction of product:

MNS withdrawal switchgear meets the needs of electrical industry development, with the reference to foreign MNS series of low voltage switch cabinet to design and develop improved high level LV switch cabinet, this product meets the provisions of national standards GB7251.1 and international standards IEC439-1. MNS type LV switch cabinet suitable for different kinds of needs of supplying and distributing electricity, can be widely used in different kinds of LV distribution electricity system, such as power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, hotel building, municipal buildings and so on.

Cabinet structure:

1.MNS type LV switch cabinet framework is combined structure that assembled from C-sections, C profile is modulus E = 25mm intervals for installation. All structure of frames are processed with galvanized. Basic frame is connected through self-tapping locking screw or 88 hex bolts, with the parts like door, clapboard, closure plate, mounting brackets and bus bar function units to install a completed switch cabinet. Inner size, parts’ sizes and chambers sizes are changing according to modules.

2.Every cabinet of MNS withdrawal switchgear is divided into three rooms, they are horizontal bus bar rooms (back side of cabinet), drawer little room (in front of cabinet), cable room (downside of cabinet or right front side of cabinet). Between rooms are divided with copper sheet or high strength fire-proof plastic sheet, between up and down side drawers has mental sheet with ventilation holes to prevent switch components from arcing coz of failure, and circuit of bus bar or other lines caused accident, so adopts strictly isolation. 3.Structure designs of MNS type low voltage switch cabinets, can meet different kinds requirements of inlet and outlet programs like inlet and outlet from upside, inlet from upside, outlet from downside, inlet from down side and outlet from upside, inlet and outlet both are from downside.

Drawers categories:

Using environment:

1.Surrounding air temperature should not more than +40℃, not less than -5℃, and the average temperature in 24h should not more than +35℃.

2.Install indoor for using, the altitude of using place should not more than 2000m.

3.When the maximum temperature is + 40 ℃, the relative humidity of surrounding air should not more than 50%, when the temperature is lower, can have bigger relative humidity (such as when temperature is +20℃, the relative humidity is 90%). Should take the changes of temperature into account, may occasionally produce condensation effects.

4.When install the equipments, vertical the inclination should not more than 5 degrees.

5.Equipments should install in a place that no severe vibration and shock, and the places that not enough to corrode electrical components.

6.If users have special requirements then talk with manufacture to solve.

Technical data:

Order notices:

When order users should provide documents below:

1.All models of product (include the main circuit and auxiliary circuit scheme)

2.The main circuit system combination sequence diagram

3.Auxiliary circuit electrical schematics;

4.Arrangement, combination chart and layout arrangement drawing of switch cabinet.

5.Other special requirements that don’t comply the product’s normal using conditions.

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