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KYN28(GZS1)-12 type of armored remove AC metal-enclosed switchgear


1. Safety and reliable: metal armor and fully enclosed, the compartments in the cabinet are independent small rooms, separated from each other; improved “five-anti” interlock function, reliably prevent misuse and mistakenly charged interval; fast closing grounding switch achieve reliable protection grounding; High standardized procedures,

Passed all kinds of test by the national high-voltage electrical Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

2. Practical: cabinets have high degree of protection to effectively prevent foreign matter from entering. Same model of handcarts have good interchangeability. The second line is setting in trunk to get a good protection and easy repair; it can be installed against a wall, repair in front of safety cabinet. It adopts a common standard accessories and spare parts, low maintenance costs.

Main technical creative points:

1 can provide 650mm,800mm, 1000mm and others series of cabinet width;

2 can provide rated current 630A-4000A and other group length series products;

3 can provide digital series of products;

4 Switchgear program is complete, consisting of a variety of flexible system solutions to meet customer requirements;

5 According to application environments and special requirements, also can provide high altitude series and double bus bar series and any kinds of non-standard solutions.

Introduction of product

KYN28 (GZS1) -12 type armored remove AC metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) suitable for power distribution equipment that three phase AC 50HZ,3-10kv single bus bar and single bus bar section system, mainly used for power plants, substations, transformation and distribution center of industrial and mining enterprises for receiving and distributing electricity, and control, protect and monitor electricity circuit, meet the standard requirements of GB3906、DL404、Ec298 and so on with improved “five anti” function.

Structure and function unit

Cabinet is bolted by deposited aluminum and zinc plate what comes after machining and bending forming via cNC machine tool. Cabinet has a high degree of standardization. The assembled switch cabinet can ensure unity on the size. Deposited aluminum and zinc plate has strong anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance, and also has a higher mechanical strength than ordinary steel.

Cabinet is separated by a metal partition into four units, they are handcart room, bus room, cable room and instrument room. Every unit has a separate ground, degree of protection between each compartment reaches P2 × c. All high-pressure compartments have separate pressure relief channel. Because handcart adopts setting middle way, cable room has ample space, can be accessed by multiple cables to meet the needs of a large current. Doors are using electrostatic spray technology which is impact resistant, corrosion-resistant and beautiful.

Instrument room

On the instrument panel installed all kinds of protection, measurement and control device, instrumentation, status indication components, control switches, etc., on the internal net door can install instrumentation, miniature circuit breakers and other secondary components.

Handcart room

Can be equipped with Vs1, VEM and VSM types of vacuum circuit breaker and VD4, VEP, ZN21, 3AH and other types,  as well as various functions of handcart, handcart room has superior flexibility and reliability.

Bus room

Indoor three insulators provide reliable support for main bus bar, cabinets are separated by bus casings between cabinets to prevent the spread of the accident. According to the needs, can add thermal casing on bus bars what is suitable for high altitude and humid areas.

Cable room

Cable room has ample space, can be connected to multiple cables to install current transformers, grounding switch, over-voltage protection and lower trolley, and in the bottom equipped with a removable non-magnetic metal seal plate, to facilitate on-site construction and maintenance.

Using conditions

environmental conditions under normal using

The maximum highest ambient temperature:      +40℃

lowest ambient temperature:      -10℃

The maximum daily ravage temperature:    ≤35℃

The maximum daily average relative humidity      :≤95%

The maximum monthly average relative humidity:≤90%

The altitude:          ≤1000m

The maximum seismic intensity:      ≤8

KYN28-12 switch cabinet should be installed in a indoor place that no fire, no explosion, no series pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration. It should be emphasized that in humid hot and big temperature fluctuations area, the switch cabinet has the possibility to condensation. So after install KYN28-12 cabinet, under the status of operating, should put heater as far as possible, and make it in the automatic control state, to prevent the device from moisture and condensation occurs.

 If there are any special requirements beyond the above range, clients will consulate with our company's technical department for technical amendments.

Name Unit Parameters
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated voltage kv 12
Rated insulation level Rated short time frequency withstand voltage(1min) kv 42(Ground and interphase)
48(Isolated fracture)
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage kv 75(Ground and between phases)
85(Isolated fracture)
rated current of main bus bar A 630 1250 1600 2000 2500 3150 4000
 rated current of branch bus bar A 630 1250 1600 2000 2500 3150 4000
Rated short time withstand current KA 16 20 25 31.5 40
Rated peak withstand current 40 50 63 80 100
protection grade   shell IP4X  Compartment IP2X

When the rated current is 4000A requires force air cooling

Ordering notice

When ordering, users should provide the following information:

1. Main Wiring, usage and single-line system diagram, rated voltage, rated current, rated short-circuit breaking current, arrange distribution room floor plan and switchgear configuration diagram;

2.  Inlet/outlet cable specifications

3. Requirements for control, measurement and protection functions and requirements for other automatic locking device;

4. Model, specifications and quality of switch cabinet main electrical components;

5. For Bus Bar Bridge connection, should provide the required data, such as rated carrying capacity, span and the height above ground of Bus Bar Bridge;

6. quantity of spare parts;

7.  If use in special environment, should note details when order;

8. Our company can provide corresponding service according to the special requirement of clients.

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