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SC(B)10 SC(B)11-30~2500 series epoxy resin casting dry-type power transformer

Main technical creative points:
Because windings are sealed up with epoxy, it is flame-retardant, explosion-proof, free from maintenance, no pollution, small size and can go deeply into load center. Besides, with scientific and reasonable design and coating craftwork, it has advantages of low partial discharge capacity, low noise, good heat dispersion and it can run over a long time with 140% rated load in the circumstance of cold wind. It applies intelligent thermal controller and has the functions that it will alarm when there is fault or the temperature is exceeded and switch off as well as the function of memory.
Introduction of products:
This series of dry-type transformers for the 35kV distribution grid power directly reduced to 400V power supply for users, reducing 10kV power transmission links, so that significantly lower operating costs, reduce multi-level substation construction, with significant social benefits. The high voltage coil by optimizing product structure, improving the inter-layer voltage and capacitance distribution, greatly improving the product withstand atmospheric over-voltage and over-voltage shocks, but also to improve the electric field distribution, the product Bureau volume further reduced. 
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