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S13-MRL-30 ~ 1600/10 series of three-dimensional wound core oil-immersed transformers

Has broken the traditional planar structure, the three-phase core magnetic circuit of product is completely symmetrical, circuit reluctance is greatly reduced, excitation current and load loss are significantly reduced, this kind energy-efficient transformers are using traditional materials, but lower operating noise, the structure is more compact.

Main technical creative points:

Laminated core and flat roll core transformers are shortest to make sure balance three phase power supplying, and the effect of reducing loss is significant. And after vacuum annealing, can basically eliminate internal stress, due to no high reluctance exist throughout the magnetic circuit, so no-load loss and no-load current dropped significantly.

Features of product:

This series of oil immersion transformer adopts the tri-phase symmetry tri-dimensional structure instead of the traditional plane structure. The equipment applies the complete symmetry tri-phased iron core magnetic circuit, which greatly reduces the magnetic resistance and the no-load loss, and thus, though adopting the traditional material, is more high efficient and energy saving producing smaller noise and with more compact structure. The product has the tremendous effect on lowering the energy consumption, saving the materials and protecting the environment, which completely with the national concept on energy conservation.

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