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YBM-12 American box


1.Compact structure, small size, flexible and convenient to install.

2.Fully-sealed, fully insulated structure, no need insulated distance and ca protect people.

3.not only can use ring network, but also can use for terminal, can transfer conveniently, improved the reliability if supplying power. 4.Strong over capacity, allow over load two times 2 hours and 1.6 times 7 hours, still wont affect using life of transformer substation. Main creative points:

1.Adopt the protection of double fuses, decrease running cost, inserting fuse (temperature, current)

2.Cabinet has been processed with high strength stainless steel preservative and special painting, can be widely used in any kinds of harsh environments, like multiple storms and high pollution, high corrosion environment.

3.Due to adopting connection way of Δ/YO and three phases five lines structure, iron core adopt imported advanced production processes, the most outstanding advantage is the high voltage quality, neutral point does not drift, box no heat, low noise, low loss, good lightning performance, strong anti-short-circuit and overload.

4.Equipped with controlled ventilation device can meet the requirements of high-temperature region, when the user is also required to install heater to meet the specific requirements of cold and humid regions.

Type meaning:

Introduction of product:

YBM-12 American transformer box is made up of high voltage and low voltage switch cabinets, transformer, low voltage power distribution cabinet and shell, with the excellent features of reliable power supplying, reasonable structure, low noise, low losses, install quickly, easy to operate, small size, low cost and so on, not only can use outdoor also indoor, widely used in oil fields, terminals, high-rise buildings, highways, subways, underground facilities, industrial parks, residential areas, business center and other areas, can install in high requirements places like fire-proof, lights explosion proof, and can meet users’ different requirements like power measurement, reactive Compensation, low voltage shunt outlet and other different kinds of devices.

YBM series prefabricated substation (same box type)

Put high voltage switch, fuse and transformer body in one oil tank by taking advantage of transformer’s insulating and creative oil. So that decrease the size of substation to be 1/3 of same capacity Europe transformer, fully sealed and fully insulated structure can protect peoples’ safety. Decrease cost, cabinet adopts corrosion proof design and special painting processes to suitable for different harsh environment, such as more heavy rain area and high pollution area.

YBM series prefabricated substation (different box type)

This product is developed on the base of same type box (traditional American transformer box), which adopts load switch, fuse and other high voltage parts with different transformer box structure, it is an improved American transformer box that can be more suitable for domestic users’ habits. It saved the good features of same box type such as small size, low price, fully insulated, fully closed, safety and reliable for using, solved the affection. Increased the spaces between low voltage chambers, can meet any kinds of low pressure and reactive power compensation of users, which decrease whole height and improved the ability of adjusting environments.

Using environment:

1.Altitude :≦1000m

2.ambient temperature: -25℃~40℃(outdoor) the maximum daily average temperature: +30℃ the maximum yearly average temperature:+20℃

3.Seismic capacity horizontal ground acceleration: ≦0.4m/s2 Vertical ground acceleration: ≦0.2m/s2

4.the inclination of ground :≦3°

5.Install place: no dangerous of fire, explosion, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.

Technical data:

Order notices:

When order users should provide documents below:

1.All models of product (include the main circuit and auxiliary circuit scheme)

2.The main circuit system combination sequence diagram

3.Other special requirements that don’t comply the product’s normal using conditions.

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