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XGN2-12 Box-type fixed AC metal-enclosed switchgear

Main features:

1.The cabinet adopts angle iron welded, also can adopt steel bolted, external application of steel structure;

2.Cabinet consists of four separate compartments bus room, they are bus bar room, breaker room, a relay room and cable room, each rooms are separated by metal seal plates;

3.Cover plate and doors are made by steel plate, during normal operation and maintenance, according to normal operating procedures, can open door without using tools, but can’t open cover plate without using tools.

4.Circuit breaker is fixedly mounted in break pinch-off device compartment with a pressure release channel;

5.Upper and lower isolation switches select GN-10 (D) rotary isolating switch with double fracture surface. (The rated currents of switches are above 2000A)

6.Cabinet can choose GN22-10 large current isolation switch series, the operating mechanism mounted on the left front position outside the cabinet, connect operating mechanism and cabinet with the horizontal axis, levers and others.

7.Between upper and lower isolation switches of circuit breakers, and between front and back doors adopt special mechanical lock structure for JSXGN box type cabinet and mechanical procedures locks interlocking methods together to meet the "Five Anti" requirements of switch cabinet;

8.Inlet and outlet ways can come in and out from roof of cabinet, and also can come from the bottom of cabinet.

9.Switch cabinet is maintained from both sides, doesn’t install against wall. Lights are installed in circuit breaker room and cabinet room.

10.Down side of front door have ground copper bars what are parallel to the direction of cabinet width to make every cabinet ground safety and reliable.

Introduction of product:

XGN2-12 box-type fixed AC metal-enclosed switch cabinet (hereinafter referred to as switch cabinet) suitable for power distribution equipment that with three phases AC 50HZ, 3~10kv single bus bar and single bus bar section system. Mainly used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises transformation and distribution center as the usage of acceptance and distribution of energy, and control, protect and monitor the circuit. This product meets the standard requirements of GB3906, DL404, IEC298 and others. It is equipped with an improved “five defenses” function, mainly used with ZN28 series VS1 series vacuum circuit breakers. Using environments:

normal using environment conditions

The maximum highest ambient temperature: +40℃

Lowest ambient temperature: -25℃

The maximum daily ravage temperature: ≤35℃

The maximum daily average relative humidity:≤95%

The maximum monthly average relative humidity:≤90%

The altitude: ≤1000m The maximum seismic intensity: ≤8级

XGN2-12 switch cabinet should be installed in a indoor place that no fire, no explosion, no series pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration. It should be emphasized that in humid hot and big temperature fluctuations area, the switch cabinet has the possibility to condensation. According to the needs, this product can be equipped with condensation controller and heater to make inner environment of cabinet in an automatic control state, to prevent the device from moisture and condensation occurs.

If there are any special requirements beyond the above range, clients will consulate with our company's technical department for technical amendments.

Ttechnical data:





Rated frequency



Rated voltage




Insulation level 

Rated short time power frequency withstand voltage(1min)


42(Ground and between phases)

48(Isolated fracture)

Rated lightning


Withstand voltage


75(Ground and between phases)

85(Isolated fracture)

Rated current


630 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500 3150

Rated short circuit break current 



Rated short-time withstanding current(4s)



Rated peak withstand current


outline dimension

( width × depth × height)


650×1200×2650(load switch cabinet)


1200×1800×2650(above 1250A overhead outlet or the program with bypass bus )   



around 1000

protection level



Ordering notice

clients should provide the materials below when order:

1.Main Wiring number, usage and single-line system diagram, rated voltage, rated current, rated short-circuit breaking current, power distribution room layout drawing and arrangement drawing of switch cabinet;

2.specifications of inlet/outlet cable;

3.Requirements of controlling, measuring and protecting functions, as well as other requirements of locking and automatic device; 4.Models, specifications and quantities of cabinets’ main electrical components;

5.If need bus bar bridge connection, should provide rated carrying capacity, the span, the height above ground of bus bar bridge and other specific requirements data;

6.number of spare parts

7.if use in special environment, should note details when order;

8.Our company can provide corresponding service according to the special requirement of clients.

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