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S (B) H15-M-30 ~ 1600/10 series of amorphous alloy oil-immersed transformers


1. This transformer can replace iron steel core transformers to use in outdoor distribution system;

2. Good energy saving and reduce pollution of atmosphere;

Main tech creative points:

Due to adopting full sealed structure, this transformer can run in moist environment.

This kind of transformers can transform the voltage of a network into the voltage matching the system or load and fulfill power transferring and distributing. The core is applied with amorphous alloy ribbons, which possesses a no-load loss as low as about 20% that of a S9 type transformer( with silicon steel core); the LV are applied with copper foil, which reinforces the ability to withstand short circuit for the transformer; AMDT with connection Dyn11 can lighten harmonics impact on the network and improve the quality of the power supplying; the tank and cover are welded together, forming a hermetically sealed construction which lengthens the service life of AMDT and makes it repair free; the vacuum oil filling eliminates all bubbles in the coils to ensure stable characteristics; each transformer passes a full-wave lighting impulse test before delivery to ensure its safety operation. Because transformer adopts fully sealed structure, insulating oil and insulating medium are protected from air pollution, so it can run in humid environment, and it is ideal power distribution equipment in urban and rural distribution network.

Features of Performance:

Amorphous alloys are new type of energy-saving materials, the metal atoms are in disordered amorphous arrangement, it is completely different from the crystal structure of silicon steel, more conducive to be magnetized and demagnetized. The thickness of core is very thin, only 0.025mm, not even 1/10 of normal silicon steel sheet. This new material is used for transformer cores, with high saturation magnetic flux density, low loss, low excitation current, good temperature stability. Amorphous alloy transformer load loss is low, strong anti-short circuit capability, advanced structure, energy saving, environmental advantages are obvious, it is the ideal energy saving effect of distribution transformers.

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