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SC(B)H15-M-30~1600/10 series resin insulation amorphous metal dry-type power transformer

Low no-load losses, no oil, flame retardation, self-extinguishing, moisture resistance, crack resistance, maintenance-free etc.
Main technical creative points:
The LV windings of this product are foil windings, they are wound with copper foils. The HV windings are wound with H class high-strength enamel wires, and enveloped by epoxy resin reinforced with the glass-fiber, which possess excellent moisture-resistant and crack-resistant characteristics. The core is wound with amorphous alloy ribbons. A structure of rectangular section and of four-frame and five-leg is adopted for the core.                            
Introduction of product:
 Iron core of amorphous alloy transformer is made by amorphous alloy. Amorphous alloy material of metal atoms arranged in a disordered amorphous state, lower core loss than the silicon material, to achieve high efficiency energy-saving effect. Hysteresis loop of the amorphous alloy covers less area than cold-rolled steel sheet, so hysteresis loss of amorphous alloy is so much less than cold-rolled steel sheet, its iron core loss is very low, no-load losses is 75% less than traditional iron steel sheet, it is an ideal low loss energy saving transformer. Coz of low losses, amorphous alloy transformer has low heat, low temperature rise, stable running performance.

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