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HXGN-12 high-voltage ring network switch cabinet


12kv sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) fully insulated ring network cabinet, high-voltage live part are sealed in SF6 gas box, with the features of small size, safety, easy operation, maintenance free and others , widely used in real estate, industrial and mining enterprises, network reform and other fields, especially for high voltage distribution system like high humidity, high dust and other harsh environments.

Types meaning:

Introduction of product:

HXGN-12 HV ring network switch cabinet (referred to as ring network cabinet) is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, residential areas, schools, tall buildings and other distribution systems. As indoor AC three phase 12KV, 50HZ ring network power supply unit and terminal distribution equipment, can break or close rated load current and transformer no-load current, and also can break or close certain distance overhead lines, cables or capacitance current of capacitor bank. Load switch fuse combination cabinet can break rated short circuit current at one time, and load switch as a distribution system can protect residents’ equipments in power system to achieve distribution and control of power.

Using environments:

Ambient temperature: not more than +45℃, not less than -25℃.

Altitude: not more than 1000m.

Relative humidity: daily average not more than 95%, monthly average not more than 90%.

Earthquake intensity: not more than 8 grades.

Applications areas: no fire, no explosion, no serious pollution, no chemical corrosion and severe vibration areas.

Technical data:

Ordering notice

When ordering, users should provide the following information:

1.All models of product (include the main circuit and auxiliary circuit scheme);

2.The main circuit system combination sequence diagram;

3.Auxiliary circuit electrical schematics;

4.Arrangement, combination chart and layout arrangement drawing of switch cabinet;

5.Other special requirements that don’t comply the product’s normal using conditions.

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