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BSG-T series mining explosion isolation dry type transformer

1. Energy saving, environmental, safety, no pollution and good running performance.
2. Advanced structure, compact arrangement, reasonable size, reasonable weight, beautiful appearance and easily to use underground.
3. Low losses, good cooling effect, good electrical performance and long usage life.
4. Reliable performance of explosion, high mechanical strength, easy operation and reliable running.
5. With a perfect control system of protecting temperature.
Main creative technical points:
Good thermal stability of insulation materials, using H or C grade insulation, using ANAN cooling method, applicable to methane gas and coal dust mixed, and such environments like have danger of explosion mine, mines, tunnels and others, also applicable to such environment that wont be able to  corrode metal and damage the insulation of gas and steam.
Types meaning:
Mining explosion isolation dry type transformers:
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Introduction of product:

KBSG mining explosion dry-type transformers are running in a three phases power system that rated frequency is 50HZ, voltage primary side is 6kv or 10kv, for providing a variety of power equipment and electrical devices of the environment.

Dimensions drawing:
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1. Altitude of installing place should not exceed 1000m, except special environments
2. Ambient temperature 
    the maximum temperature  +40℃;
    average temperature of the most hot month +30℃;
    the maximum yearly average temperature +20℃;
    the lowest temperature  -5℃。
3. Relevant humidity of ambient temperature doesn’t exceed 95%( when the temp is +25℃)
4. Mixed methane gas and coal dust, and there is a risk of explosion in the mine
5. No strong bumps, vibration and vertical gradient doesn’t over 15 degrees in the environment
6. The environment that not able to corrode mental and damage insulating gas and steam.
7.  places like no water.
8.  Supply voltage waveform similar to a sine wave
9. Approximately symmetrical of three-phase power supply voltage (please note if beyond the specified conditions)

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Technical data of 10kv grade KBSG series mining explosion dry type transformer:
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  Note: Because of continuing improvement of products, the size of the sample provided for informational purposes only; if necessary, our company can design and produce according to user requirements, please contact with our company in time.


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