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JXF distribution box

Introduction of product JXF series comprehensive distribution box / cabinet is self-developed product after learning the strengths of domestic popular distribution box / cabinet, box/ cabinet adopts excellent quality cold-rolled steel, have processed through CNC machine tools. Improved product series, have many kinds like metal and plastic shell, meet different needs of users. Product meets GB7251,3-2006 "Part III Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment: for non-professionals can enter the origin of the low voltage switchgear - switchboard special requirements" and other relevant standards. Product has beautiful appearance and durable. JXF series comprehensive distribution box / cabinet suits for AC frequency 50HZ, rated voltage 220V or 400V single-phase three-wire three-phase five cargo terminal circuit, control electrical equipment and power distribution, protect circuit from overload, short circuit, leakage and under voltage, can be widely used in modern hotels, commercial, industrial and mining enterprises and residential buildings. Product Categories: 1.According to the install ways can be divided into surface mounted wall-mounted, concealed installation embedded and floor-mounted 2.According to outlet methods can be divided to upper inlet and outlet, lower inlet and outlet, upper inlet and lower outlet, etc. 3.According to different operation ways can be divided into open door operation and close door operation 4.According to different using places can be divided into install indoor and outdoor. 5.According to supplying ways of electricity can be divided into single phase of supplying electricity and three phases of supplying electricity. Features of structure: Configuration scheme of JXF series comprehensive distribution box / cabinet has single inlet and double inlet, outgoing circuit 1-36 lines for choosing by users. Power distribution box/cabinet inlet and outlet equipped with knockouts. Installation parts inside of cabinet/box have been processed with galvanized. JXF series comprehensive distribution box / cabinet is divided into lighting power distributing box and small power distribution box/frame, measuring box, branch terminal box expanded on the base of original box/cabinet, little type power box/cabinet, signal button box, double Dual power switch box / cabinet, building intelligent control box and lighting, sockets integrated functions such as distribution box. Sub-line terminal box is used to connect sub-line of electrical circuit and line, in the box is equipped with buttons, lights, switches or contacts. Dual power switch box / cabinet is mainly used as interlocked and automatic switching when dual power come into the line, In box / cabinet equipped with automatic switch locking, micro air circuit breakers and other control box is mainly used for high-rise intelligent control and operation of the building water supply, fire protection, and other facilities, the box is equipped with intelligent motor controllers and other intelligent components. Normal working and install conditions: 1.Humidity: ambient temperature is not more than +40℃, not less than -50℃ 2.Humidity: when the maximum temperature is +40℃, relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%.Under lower temperature can have higher relative humidity, when the temperature is +20℃, relative humidity can be 90%. 3.Altitude: Altitudes of installing places are not more than 2000m 4.Installation class: Ⅱ class 5.Pollution level: 3 level Order notices 1.Provide a system drawing, secondary schematics; 2.Provide outline dimensions, surface spraying color and install ways; 3.quantity 4.provide main bus bar specification and install requirements; 5.If have special requirements, please provide details and technical materials.

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