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XL AC low-voltage power cabinets

Introduction of product:

XL-21 type low-voltage power distribution box is suitable for power plants and industrial and mining enterprises, AC voltage 500v and below the three-phase four-wire or three-phase five-wire system for power distribution purposes. XL-21 type low-voltage power distribution box install indoor against wall, repair before screen. XL-21 type low-voltage power distribution box enclosed system, shell is processed with steel plate. Knife switch operating handle is mounted on the right top of the box, as the switching power supply purposes. Distribution box panel is equipped with a voltage meter to indicate voltage of bus bar. There is a door in front of distribution box, after opened the door, all equipments inside are exposed for easier repair and maintenance. This kind of distribution boxes all adopt self-designed parts in domestic with good features, such as compact structure, maintain easily, line programs can be flexibly combined and so on. In distribution box except installs air breaker and fuses breaker what are for protecting short circuit, also installs contactor and thermal relay, in front door of box can install operation button and indication lights.

Order notice:

When order users should provide materials below:

1.First line program and a single line system diagram;

2.Second line expanded system diagram

3.Detail specifications and data of all kinds of electrical equipments that installed in each box.

4.When ordering B type of structure, still need to provide arrangements drawing and layout plan of power distribution box.

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