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Residential distribution box series

Introduction of product:

PZ30 modular terminal combination of electrical suited for AC frequency 50HZ, rated working voltage 220V, or 380V, rated current not exceeding 100A single-phase three-wire three-phase five cargo terminal circuit, control electrical equipment and power distribution, protect circuit from overload, short circuit, leakage and under voltage, can be widely used in modern hotels, commercial, industrial and mining enterprises and residential buildings.

Features of structure:

Main structural components are cover, cabinet body, transparent cover door, mounting rails, conductive row, the line guard and bus bar baffles, etc., and also set a neutral line and the ground terminal block. Shell can be divided to plastic, plastic surface iron bottom, steel, stainless steel and so on, according to needs, can choose all the width of 9mm modulus of modular electrical components to install on TH35-7.5 type of mounting rail. According to needs can build up different kinds of circuit schemes, mounting capacity has 2-54 units. Electrical components installed like handle needs to be exposed, easy to operate. Other live parts are covered in upper cover, safety and reliable. Installation in the form of surface mounted (hanging) and concealed installation (embedded wall), with concealed installation bottom surface of iron, steel and stainless steel enclosure with embedded box easy for users to install.

Normal using and installing conditions:

1.Temperature: surrounding air temperature is not more than +40 ℃, surrounding air temperature’s lower limit is |-15℃.

2.Humidity: when the maximum temperature is + 40 ℃, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%; at a lower temperature allows a higher relative humidity, for example when the temperature is at + 20 ℃, the humidity is up to 90%;

3.Altitude: the install place’s altitude doesn’t exceed 2000m

4.Installation Category: Ⅱ category

5.Pollution level: 3 level

Order notice:

1.Products types, combination codes, selected models and specifications of elements that correspond to each unit or list out combination scheme of electrical system diagram and different kinds of models and specifications of components that noted in combination list.


3.The special requirements of combination electrical appliances by users, such as material and colors of shell, the way of opening door, protection class, install ways, whether set box (embedded box) and so on.

Technical data:

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