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YB-12 prefabricated substations

Introduction of product:

YB-12 prefabricated substation combined HV switch equipment, power transformer and LV switch equipment together in a prefabricated box, so that get a small type 10kv substation that can achieve the change, distribution and protection of electricity. Small size, compact structure, easy to move and can improve quality of supplying electricity, reduce losses of electricity, it is an ideal equipment of changing power distribution network. YB-12 prefabricated substation suits for single bus bar system that HV side is 10KV below, LV side is 0.4kv, rated frequency is 50Hz, rated capacity is 1600kv or below. YB-12 prefabricated substation is widely used in factories, mines, oil fields, airports, railway stations, urban public buildings, concentrated residential areas, commercial buildings and underground facilities. This product is suit for four kinds of outlet ways, they are in and out overhead, cable in and out, overhead in and cable out, cable in and overhead out.

Features of structure:

This product is combined by HV power distribution device, transformer and LV power distribution device. They are divided into three function rooms, HV room, transformer room and LV room. in HV and LV chamber has fully function. HV side one time power supplying system can be many kinds of supplying ways, such as Ring network, terminal power supply, dual power supply, and also can set HV measurement component to meet requirements of HV measurement. Transformer chamber can choose S11、S13、SC and other low loss oil type transformers and dry type transformer. In transformer chamber set automatic forced cooling system and lighting system, LV chamber can adopt plate or cabinet type structure make a power supplying program for users according to the requirements of users. And also have functions of power supplying, lighting power distribution, power metering and power measurement to meet different requirements of users and help users with the management of supplying electricity and improving quality of supplying electricity. Arrangement of HV and LV is reasonable, convenient for operating and repairing, high voltage switch device has function of prevent disoperation interlocking. In each chamber equipped with automatic lighting device, besides, components selected by high voltage and low voltage switch device are reliable, easy to operate and repair. Top cover of transformer substation is double insulated structure, reduced the affection of sunshine, four sides have ventilation holes for cooling. Base structure is , has enough strength and rigidity. Adopt nature cooling and force cooling two ways to get good cooling performance. Oil temperature controller of transformer can control the temperature of transformer automatically to ensure transformer running over a full load condition. According to different using environment and using conditions, can choose different structure forms and materials to meet different using requirements and ensure transformer running normally. Shell of transformer can use non-mental building materials, normal steel sheet, Stainless steel, copper color, composite board and other materials. After treatment of part or all surfaces, with the condition of using long time outdoor to ensure corrosion proof, waterproof, dustproof performance, long life, beautiful appearance.

Using conditions:

1.atmospheric pressure:80-110kPa;

2.the maximum temperature :+40℃;

3.the maximum daily temperature:+30℃;

4.the maximum yearly temperature:+20℃;

5.The minimum temperature:-25℃;

6.speed of wind outdoor doesn’t exceed 35m/s

7.relevant humidity of air doesn’t exceed 90%(when temperature is +25℃)

8.The places to install should be no danger of fire, explosion, chemical corrosion and severe vibration.

Technical data:

Order notices:

When order users should provide documents below:

1.All models of product (include the main circuit and auxiliary circuit scheme)

2.The main circuit system combination sequence diagram

3.Other special requirements that don’t comply the product’s normal using conditions.

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