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GGD type AC low-voltage distribution cabinet


1. Modular design 2. Convenient combination 3. Good scalability

Main technical creative points:

Products with high breaking capacity, good stability, flexible electrical program, convenient combination, practical, novel structure, high level of protection and others features. This product can be used as a replacement product of low-voltage switchgear. Introduction of product:

GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet is suitable for power plants, substations, industrial enterprises and other power users who has AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V, rated current up to 6300A of the distribution system, use as energy conversion, distribution and control purpose for power, lighting and power distribution equipment. GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinet is according to the requirements of all users and design department, with the design principle of safety, economy, reasonable and reliable to make a new type low-voltage power distribution cabinet, GGD AC low-voltage power distribution cabinets meet the standard of GB7251.1-2005/IEC60439-1:1999 < Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment>.

Technical performance and characteristics:

1.basic electrical parameters;

2.scheme of main circuit:

Main circuit of GGD cabinet has designed 129 programs, total 298 specifications (not including the solutions and specifications what are made coz of the changes of auxiliary circuit function and control voltage) Among which are GGD type has 49 programs and 123 specifications, GGD2 type has 53 programs and 107 specifications, GGD type has 27 programs and 68 specifications.For making main circuit program, we sought the designs from others and chose the suggestions made by using department to add more programs for the needs of power plant. Increased rated current to 3150A for adjusting to distribution transformer that capacity is 2000kva below.   Besides, In order to meet the needs of reactive power compensation, designed GGJ1, GGJ2 capacitance compensation cabinet, it has 4 main circuits, total 12 specifications.

3.Auxiliary circuit scheme:

Design of auxiliary circuit has two parts what are shared programs and power plant scheme. GGD cabinet has enough space to install secondary component, and also developed a special LMZ3D current transformer to satisfy the needs of power plants and special users. 4. Main bus bar:

Considering the price ratio and the feasibility of aluminum replace copper, when rated current is 1500A or below, then adopt single aluminum row bus bar (it depends on the users’ requirements). When rated current is more than 1500A then adopt copper row bus bar. Lap surfaces of bus bar all have processed with tin plate.

5. selection of electrical components:

A. GGD cabinet mainly adopts more advanced electrical components that domestic can be able to arrange mass production, such as ME, HSW1, HSM1, RMW1, RMM1 etc. also according to the principle of economy and reasonable, Under the premise of fully consider the feasibility, we retained some of the old available products such as DZ10, etc., do not choose and use obsolete products, but choose and use advanced electrical components in accordance with the development of domestic components.   

B. HD13BX and HS13BX type rotary operated knife switch is dedicated components that designed for meeting the needs of unique structure of GGD cabinet, which changed original operation ways of institute and saved the strengths of old products, they are utility models of electrical components.   

C. According to the needs of users, if design department selects better performance and more advanced of technical new type electrical components, generally wont have the difficulties in updating electrical components and installing coz of the good installation flexibility of GGD cabinet.   

D. To further enhance the dynamic stable ability of the main circuit, We designed ZMJ type combined bus bar clip and insulating supports for GGD cabinet. Bus bar clip is made up by high strength and high fire-proof PPO composite Materials, with the features of high insulating strength, good self-extinguishing properties and unique structure, only need to adjust inter building blocks then can make up single bus bar clip or double bus bar clip easily. Insulating support is sleeve type molded body, low cost, high strength and solved the defects that creepage distance is not enough for old products.

Features of structure:

1. GGD AC low-voltage distribution cabinet adopts a form of common cabinet, architecture is local weld assembled with 8MF Cold-formed steel. Architecture parts and dedicated supporting parts are supplied by section steel sentinel plants to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cabinet. Generic cabinet’s parts are designed by module principle, and have 20 mold mounting holes, high generic factor, can achieve the production of the plant. Which not only shorten the production cycle, but also improved work efficiency.   

2. When design GGD cabinet, took fully consider of the cooling problem when cabinet is working. In the upper and lower parts of cabinet has different quantity of cooling holes, when the inside electrical components of cabinet started heating, rising heat goes out through upper hole, and cold wind will come in the cabinet from lower hole continuously, The sealed cabinet forms a natural ventilation path from bottom to top, for cooling purposes.   

3.GGD cabinet in accordance with the modern technology of the design requirements of product, using golden section ratio way to design the outer shape of cabinet and segmentation size of each peats to make entire cabinet looking nice. 

4. Door of cabinet uses rotating shaft type hinge to connect with the architecture, easy install and disassembly. Folding parts of door are embedded with a mountain-type rubber, when open the door, the embedded rubber between door and frame has a certain compression stroke to prevent door direct collision with the cabinet, also increased protection level of door.   

5. The instrument door with electrical component connects to architecture with multi-strand copper wire, connect mounting parts that inside of cabinet and architecture with knurled screws, overall constitute a complete grounding protection circuit.   

6.Cabinet paint uses polyester orange type baking paint, strong adhesion, good texture, the entire cabinet is matte color, avoiding the glare effect, to create a more comfortable visual environment for the staff who are on duty.   

7. If necessary top cover of cabinet can be removed, easy to assemble and adjust for the main bus bar on-site, four corners of cabinet are equipped with rings for lifting and loading.   

8. The protection level of cabinet is IP30, users can choose between IP20 and IP40 according to the needs of environment.

Using environment:

1. Surrounding air temperature should not more than +40℃, not less than -5℃, and the average temperature in 24h should not more than +35℃.

2. Install indoor for using, the altitude of using place should not more than 2000m.

3. When the maximum temperature is + 40 ℃, the relative humidity of surrounding air should not more than 50%, when the temperature is lower, can have bigger relative humidity (such as when temperature is +20℃, the relative humidity is 90%). Should take the changes of temperature into account, may occasionally produce condensation effects.

4.When install the equipments, vertical the inclination should not more than 5 degrees.

5. Equipments should install in a place that no severe vibration and shock, and the places that not enough to corrode electrical components.

6. If users have special requirements then talk with manufacture to solve.

Technical data:

Ordering notice:

When ordering users should provide below materials:

1.All models of product (include the main circuit and auxiliary circuit scheme)

2.The main circuit system combination sequence diagram

3.Auxiliary circuit electrical schematics;

4. Arrangement, combination chart and layout arrangement drawing of switch cabinet.

5.Other special requirements that don’t comply the product’s normal using conditions.

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