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KYN61-40.5 Switchgear

1. Equipped with a new type of composite insulated vacuum circuit breakers, and have a good replacement simple interchangeability features;

2. Main switch, handcart and interlock between switch cabinet doors all adopt mandatory mechanical locking methods, which meet the "Five Anti" features;

3. Mounted the wire mechanical nut propelling mechanism in handcart rack, the handcart can be easily moved and to prevent mistaken operations to damage promote structural.

Main technical creative points:

1. Cabinet structure adopts assembly type, circuit breaker adopts the handcart landing structure;

2. All operations can be carried out when the cabinet door is closed.

3. Electricity charges room has ample space, can be connected to a plurality of cables;

4. Fast ground switch is used for grounding and short circuit case;

5. Shell protection grade is IP3X, when the handcart room door is opened, the protection class is IP2X.

Introduction of products:

KYN61-40.5 (Z) armored remove type AC metal-enclosed switchgear cabinet (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) the amount of three-phase AC is 50Hz, the rated voltage of indoor power distribution equipment is 40.5KV. As power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises to accept and distribution of electric energy, to play a control circuit, protection and detection capabilities, also for frequent operation place. The switchgear is in line with GB / T11022-1999, GB3906-1991 and DL404-1997 standards.

Features of switch cabinet:

Switch cabinet is designed according to the armored enclosed switchgear standards what is mentioned in GB3906-1991 and IEC298, switch gear consists of two parts that cabinet part and withdraw part (handcart), cabinet structure for the group, then a combination of bolted molding, metal partitions inside the switchgear is divided into circuit breaker room, main bus room, cable room and relay instrument room. Protection grade is up to IP3X, and protection grade of each separated chamber is IP2X, and all mental structure parts can connect to ground, each separated chamber of main circuit system has separate exhaust pressure release channel.

1. Shell and clapboard

The shell and bulkhead of switch cabinet are made of quasi-rolled steel plate what is after several control machining and after bending bolted together.

2.  handcart

According to using purpose, handcart can be divided to circuit breaker handcart, voltage transformer handcart, metrology handcart, isolating handcart and so on, different kind of handcarts have same outline dimension, and those handcarts what have same using purpose are interchangeable. In cabinet, handcarts have test/insolating position and work position, every position sets interlocking device to ensure that handcarts cant be moved in the above two positions.

3. The circuit breaker compartment

In the circuit breaker compartment installed a specific track for handcart moving. When breaker will move between testing position and working position, the compartment valves will open and close automatically to protect workers from touching the body. Handcart can be operated when cabinet door is closed, can see the position where handcart is in cabinet through observing window, and also can see any kinds of function logos of handcart.  

4. Bus bar chamber

Main line from one switch cabinet lead to another switch cabinet fixed by a small branch line static contact box, when crossing the adjacent cabinet side plate will fix by bus pipe. All buses adopt composite insulation ways.

5. Cable compartment

In cable compartment can install PT, grounding switch lighting arrester and a plurality of cables.

6. relay room

Interior panels of relay room can install control; protect the device, measuring display instrument, live monitoring displays and other secondary components.

7. interlock device

Switchgear has reliable interlock device, effectively protect the safety of operator and equipment; when the handcart is in working position, can’t close the grounding switch. So that prevent the charged closing grounding switch and stop to move the trolley to working position when the grounding switch is in the close position. When circuit breaker in the test / disconnected position or the working position, then can operate circuit breaker, and after circuit breaker closed, the trolley cant move to prevent charged load errors push and pull breaker. Between all cabinets can install the electrical interlock.

8.  grounding device

In the cable room, set a ground bus separately which size is 6×50mm2, this bus can run through all the adjacent cabinets and have a good contact with the cabinets.

Switchgear installation

1.height of electricity room

2. distance between back of cabinet and wall

3. Flatness of infrastructure:≧1mm/㎡;flatness of infrastructure

4. The portion that basis embedded channel above the ground can not exceed 3mm;

5 can fix on the foundation with the bolts or welding;

6 the weight of switch cabinet is around 1800KG

7 operating corridor width of switch cabinet(single) :≧3000mm, both sides( face to face ) ≧4000mm

No. Name Unit  Values
1 Rated voltage KV 40.3
2 Rated current A 1250 1600 2000
3 Rated frequency Hz 50
4 Rated short-time withstand current KA 20 25 31.5
5 Rated peak withstand current KA 50 63 80
6 Rated power frequency withstand voltage KV 95/min
7 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage KV 185
8 Rated short circuit lasting time S 4
9 protection grade   IP3X
No. Name Unit Values
1 Rated voltage KV 40.5
2 Rated frequency Hz 50
3 Rated power frequency withstand voltage KV 95/min
4 Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage KV 185
5 Rated current A 1250 1600 2000
6 Rated short-time withstand current KA 20 25 31.5
7 Rated short-circuit breaking current KA 20 25 31.5
8 Rated peak withstand current KA 50 63 80
9 Rated short circuit lasting time ms 4
10 opening time ms 30≤t≤60
11 closing time S 50≤t≤100
12 Rated short-circuit breaking current times times 20
13 Mechanical life times 10000

Ordering notice

When ordering, users should provide the following information:

1. The main program number of first line, single bus bar system diagram, displaying chart and layout arrangement chart;

2. Secondary circuit electrical schematic diagram and terminal arrangement drawing;

3. Models, specifications and quantity of switchgear electrical components;

4. Specifications and quantity of main bus bar and branch bus bar;

5. The name and quantity of spare parts;

6.  If there are any special requirements then talk to the factory.

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