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GCS Low-voltage withdrawal switch cabinet


1. Improved the heat capacity of adapter, decrease the additional temperature rise of connector, cable head and dividing plate brought by the temperature rise of adapter.

2.Dynamic thermal stability

3.Install and repair conveniently.

Introduction of product :

GCS Low-voltage withdrawal switch cabinet (Hereinafter referred to as device) is suitable for power plant, Petrochemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise building and other industries to supply electricity. Device is used in high degree of automat places such as large power plants and petrochemical, and the places should be connected with computer.

This device complies with GB7231.1-2005 / IEC60439-1: 199 "Low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" and JB / T9661-1999 "Low-voltage withdrawal switchgear equipment."

Structure features:

1. Main frame adopts 8MF opening type of steel, made by 2.5mm cold cold-formed steel, in two side-beam respectively Φ9.2mm modulus of 100mm mounting holes;

2. There are two kinds of main frames, they are whole assembly structure and parts (side frames and beams) of welded structure

3. Every function room should be divided strictly, divided rooms are functional units, bus bar type and cable room. Affection of every unit is independent relatively.

4. Horizontal bus bar adopts arrange level layout behind of cabinet, to enhance the ability of anti-short-circuit current, and let device withstand dynamic current 176KA;

5. Intervals of cables adopt upside and down side to inlet and outlet;

6. One drawer is one functional unit;

7. Drawers divided into 4 sizes series, they are half unit, one unit, two units and three units, and circuit rated current is 400A below. 8.The size changes of drawer is only change in height, the size of width and depth cant change, the functional drawers can change with each other.

9. Every side of device can install 11 numbers of one unit drawer or 22 numbers of half one unit drawer.

10. Inlet and outlet of drawers adopt different pieces same specification structure of connectors according to the current.

11.The structure of half unit drawer and charges rooms adopt backplane adapter

12. Adaption of unit drawer and cable rooms adopt different specifications of rod adapter according to current

13.Drawers have obvious position signs of breaking, closing, testing and pulling out.

14. Drawer units set mechanical interlocking device.

Using environment:

1. Device under the conditions below can be ensured to run normally:

A. Ambient temperature doesn’t exceed +40℃, doesn’t lower than -5℃ and in 24 hours the average temperature doesn’t exceed +35℃.

B. Air conditions: clean air. When the maximum temperature is 40℃, relevant humidity doesn’t exceed 50%, under the condition of lower temperature, higher humidity is allowed, such as when temperature is +20℃, humidity is 90%, but allow the condensation that happened coz of the temperature changes;

C.height of altitude doesn’t exceed 2000m

2. special using conditions

A. If some electrical components used in device don’t accord above working conditions, our factory will consulate and solve them with users.

B. When using conditions of device are different from normal using conditions, will be solved by users and our factory.

Technical data:

Order notices:

When order users should provide documents below:

1.All models of product (include the main circuit and auxiliary circuit scheme)

2.The main circuit system combination sequence diagram

3.Auxiliary circuit electrical schematics;

4. Arrangement, combination chart and layout arrangement drawing of switch cabinet.

5.Other special requirements that don’t comply the product’s normal using conditions.

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